Hidden Pain: Arthritis in Cats

Cats are masters at pretending they are perfectly healthy—especially when they notice the carrier coming out for a veterinary trip. This incredible skill is the reason why scheduling—and attending—annual wellness visits for your cat is so important. Wellness visits not only prevent disease in your cat, but also provide an opportunity to spot early stage [...]

5 Unbeatable Benefits of Regular Professional Dental Cleanings for Your Pet

You know your pet needs professional dental care, but you may wonder what a professional dental cleaning entails and how often your furry pal should have the procedure. Although the internet is full of conflicting information about canine and feline oral health care, our Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital team wants to set the story straight. [...]

Paws, Reflect, and Plan—5 Pet-Centric New Year’s Goals

Welcome to the new year! If you’re like us, you’re ready to fill the next 12 months with healthy and empowered decision-making, intentional activities, and lots of quality time with your pet. To learn how to accomplish these goals, read our Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital team’s five pet-centric New Year’s resolutions that help ensure this [...]

5 Tips to Avoid Pet Holiday Humbugs

Unless you are like Scrooge, you find the holidays an enchanting time of year, but a veterinary emergency can bring a halt to your holiday plans and good times. Our Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital team wants you to avoid a pet emergency, so we are offering tips to protect your pet from holiday humbugs and [...]

Pup-kin Spice and Everything Nice—Thanksgiving Safety for Pets

Thanksgiving is drawing closer—and if you’ve been meal-prepping, your pet is probably ready for the festivities! Check out Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital’s top tips for ensuring a safe and happy holiday for your four-legged family member. In bad taste—hazardous holiday foods for pets If we’re honest, a large part of the pet-owner bond involves sharing—which [...]

From Spooky to Sweet—7 Tips for a Pet-Safe Halloween

Many pet owners love Halloween—and love sharing it with their four-legged family members. According to a nationwide survey, 75% of U.S. pet owners plan to dress up their pet this Halloween, and 25% plan to go trick-or-treating with their pet. But, before you pet dons their disguise or steps out the front door, check out [...]

Does Your Senior Pet Have a Good Quality of Life?

Senior pets often develop medical conditions that require ongoing management. Conditions may be chronic and slowly progressive, such as arthritis, Cushing’s disease, kidney disease, or heart disease, or your pet may be diagnosed with a terminal condition such as cancer. In human medicine, the focus is always on extending life at all costs, but in [...]

8 Tips To Help Manage Your Pet’s Arthritis At Home

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that affects the joints, causing painful inflammation and decreased mobility. Arthritis damages joint cartilage, causing bones to rub against each other. Over time, this bone-on-bone contact causes more bone tissue to grow and create jagged edges (i.e., bone spurs). As this condition progresses, your pet’s mobility is greatly impaired, decreasing [...]

5 Ways To Prevent Common Pet Emergencies

Pets are curious beings, always exploring the world around them, which can lead to some entertaining situations, and—unfortunately—some dangerous ones, too. We cannot foresee every pet emergency, but we can take precautions to lower our pet’s risk of an unexpected veterinary hospital visit. Our Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital team shares five ways to prevent common [...]

Why is My Pet So Itchy?

If your pet can’t stop itching, they may have an allergy. Allergies, caused by fleas, environmental substances, and food, are common in pets, and often cause itchy, inflamed skin. Our team at Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital wants to help by providing information about pet allergies so you know what to expect if your pet is [...]

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