Ushering in a Golden Age: 5 Ways to Support Your Senior Pet

A graying muzzle. Cloudy eyes. The inability to jump on the bed. Your aging pet is signaling a life well-lived—but a life far from over. Your senior pet may need help getting up on the couch, but with supportive measures, they can enjoy many more happy, healthy years by your side. Our Terra Linda Veterinary [...]

Decisions, Decisions: How to Choose the Right Pet for Your Family

Pets tug at our heartstrings, and we often make important decisions about pets based on our emotions. However, when you decide to add a pet to your family, don’t be swayed by a sad pair of puppy eyes or an adorable kitten’s antics. Instead, help ensure you choose the perfect pet with our Terra Linda [...]

Allergic Reactions: A Pet Owner’s Guide

Like people, cats and dogs can suffer from allergies, and may develop acute or chronic conditions that can affect their health and wellbeing. By learning how to recognize an allergic reaction in your pet, you can take immediate action to reduce their discomfort. Then, once you can identify a pattern in your pet’s allergies, you [...]

Coping with Canine Hip Dysplasia

Most dogs slow down with age as they gradually develop arthritis in their joints, but what is happening when your puppy or young adult dog starts acting painful or limping on their hind legs? These are signs your dog could have hip dysplasia, a condition that can cause pain and chronic debilitation without proper treatment. [...]

Foxtails at Fault: The Hazards of Foxtails for Pets

Foxtails, or grass awns, are innocuous grass-like weeds that are far more dangerous than they appear. Your dog frolicking in an open meadow is actually a hazardous—rather than idyllic—scene, as foxtails can infiltrate your pet’s body through their skin. When you explore the great outdoors with your four-legged friend, you should be aware of the [...]

Canine Noise Aversion: 6 Facts

If your dog runs and hides from fireworks or starts to tremble during a storm, you’re not alone. Most dog owners recognize that their dogs react fearfully to some noises, but many do not realize this is a diagnosable and treatable—and prevalent—phobic anxiety condition. As a result, many affected dogs go untreated. Most will worsen [...]

Tick-et to Success—Do’s and Don’ts of Safe Tick Removal for Pets

Although tick populations surge during early spring and late fall, these dangerous parasites are a year-round threat to pet and human health. If you find a tick on your pet, prompt removal can minimize risk for diseases such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis.  To protect you and your pet from disease transmission, the Terra [...]

The Value of Your Pet’s Normal Wellness Screening Results

Routine wellness screening is an essential component of your pet’s veterinary care, and can help ensure your pet lives a long, happy, and healthy life. You may question why your healthy pet requires diagnostic testing, and the simplest answer is that wellness screenings are a powerful preventive tool to maintain your pet’s current health status [...]

Hidden Pain: Arthritis in Cats

Cats are masters at pretending they are perfectly healthy—especially when they notice the carrier coming out for a veterinary trip. This incredible skill is the reason why scheduling—and attending—annual wellness visits for your cat is so important. Wellness visits not only prevent disease in your cat, but also provide an opportunity to spot early stage [...]

5 Unbeatable Benefits of Regular Professional Dental Cleanings for Your Pet

You know your pet needs professional dental care, but you may wonder what a professional dental cleaning entails and how often your furry pal should have the procedure. Although the internet is full of conflicting information about canine and feline oral health care, our Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital team wants to set the story straight. [...]

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