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At Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to bringing the most effective and innovative medical procedures and treatment options to our clients and their furry family members. As such, we are pleased to offer LoveSpay as a safer, minimally invasive, and less painful alternative to traditional spay procedures. 

What is LoveSpay?

L-OVE is an acronym for Laparoscopic Ovariectomy. We also “love” it because it is safer and will have your pet back on her feet much faster than if she underwent a conventional spay procedure. That’s because traditional spays involve major abdominal surgery, which requires a significant incision.

With a LoveSpay procedure, the doctor only needs to make two very tiny incisions, then uses a special camera to perform the ovariectomy. Because it is less invasive, it’s also less risky and less uncomfortable for your pet. Likewise, pets undergoing a LoveSpay procedure experience much quicker recovery periods. 

Patients undergoing LoveSpays will be carefully placed under safe and effective sedation and closely monitored at all times while in our care. Your pet will be ready to come home the same day as the procedure, and while there will still be a recovery period, it won’t be as long or as painful. 

Are All Dogs Eligible for LoveSpay?

While LoveSpays are suitable for most healthy female dogs, there are a few limitations. For instance, smaller breeds, puppies, and cats may not be good candidates for LoveSpay, as their size already requires smaller incisions anyway. Other health conditions could also render your pet ineligible. The doctor will conduct a thorough assessment and determine whether a LoveSpay is the right choice for your situation.

Want to learn more or schedule a LoveSpay consultation? Give the team at Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital a call today to get started!

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